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Company History

1919 The founder, the late Kameichiro Matsutani established the starch business in Yariyamachi, Osaka.
1934 Moved the factory to the present location in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.
1945 Opened sales offices in Tokyo and Osaka.
1953 Installed the country's first ion-exchange resin equipment for deionizing/ refining of starch syrup.
1955 Started sales of starch syrup solid "MPD" for sake breweries.
The president Eijiro Matsutani was elected Managing Director of the Japan Modified Starch Association, a position he still fills today.
1958 Increased the capital to 100 million yen to expand the facilities in the Saccharification Division.
1959 Started sales of crystalline dextrose.
1964 Completed enzyme production facilities. Started sales of saccharification enzyme and "Matsuraze" enzyme preparation for medical and sake breweries.
1966 Started sales of maltodextrin for powdered milk.
1972 Established an exclusive contract with the AVEBE Company of Holland for the import and sale of modified starch products.
1974 Increased the spray facility in the Saccharification Division. Modified and expanded the facilities in the Modified Starch Division. Completed public pollution prevention facility with waste water treatment (active sludge unit).
1975 Opened Nagoya Branch Office.
1980 Completed agglomeration facility.
1982 Modernized saccharification factory. Completed energy-saving concentration facility.
1983 Installed spray dry/ packaging factory in the Saccharification Division. Completed product storage silo and automatic packaging facility.
1985 Started sales of porous dextrin "PINEFLOW".
1987 Established a joint venture company SMS in Thailand, and started to manufacture and import modified starch products. Opened Fukuoka Branch Office.
1988 Developed and started sales of indigestible dextrin (resistant maltodextrin) "PINE FIBRE". Completed new building in the Head Office. Opened Hiroshima and Niigata Branch Offices.
1990 "Fibersol-2" confirmed as GRAS by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
1991 Increased production capacity and completed energy-saving and automatic packaging of modified starch,facility.
1992 "PINE FIBRE-C" certified as the ingredient for Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU).
1995 Increased existing facility in the Saccharification Division.
1998 Completed gas turbine and cogeneration facility.
2000 Started sales of "Fibersol-2H", ingredient for non-sugar food.
2001 Completed R&D Center.
2002 Consumer Dietary Fiber Supplement "PINE FIBRE" certified for Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU).
2003 Started contract manufacturing of soluble film.
2004 Completed new agglomeration factory.
2006 Eijiro Matsutani appointed as Chairman and Haruyo Kikkawa as President. Established a joint venture company with ADM Company of U.S.A.
2008 Implemented ISO 9001.
2009 Completed new waste water treatment facility.
2011 Opened Takamatsu Branch Office.
2012 Installed New DS (dray starch) Facility. Started national sales of new rare sugar sweetener "RSS".